The Team

Susanne Boyle - Senior Manager Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills/ Jorum Director

Susanne Boyle

Dr Susanne Boyle, joins the team from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, where she led the curriculum development and managed the delivery of professional body accredited MSc/PgDip programme for international pharmacists. Her research interests include the development and evaluation of learner enhancement strategies, initiatives in interprofessional educational and the development and evaluation of novel analytical methods for putative diagnostic biomarkers and traditional herbal medicines. Her experience within the pharmaceutical industry enabled the development of meaningful collaborations and the hosting of postgraduate pharmacy experiential placements.

Laura Skilton - Learning and Teaching Coordinator - FE & Skills

Laura Skilton

Laura Skilton (formerly Shaw) heads the Further Education (FE) and Skills projects within the Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills team at Mimas. This includes Hairdressing Training which is widely used within FE, and a new FE & Skills Window project (started February 2014) working with Jisc Collections to harness and exploit existing Jisc digital content. This new project will work closely with Jorum to develop a 'window' onto FE content and to improve the discoverability of Jorum and wider Jisc content specifically for the FE and Skills communities.

Siobhán Burke - OER Service Manager

Siobhan Burke

Siobhán Burke's role focuses on delivering the Jorum service. This includes engaging with the OER community and constantly striving to develop and improve the Jorum service, to ensure it meets the needs of existing and future users.

Siobhán previously worked as the Jorum Educational Technologist, where she learned about Open Educational Resources (OER) and what Jorum offers the OER community. Before that, Siobhán worked at the University of Manchester Library, where her role as Electronic Resources Co-ordinator provided extensive experience of supporting users in accessing research, teaching and learning resources and delivering online services.

Louise Egan - Communications for Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills

Louise Egan

Louise Egan has led in Jorum reaching new and existing users through many online and offline communication tools, incorporating social media to promote and disseminate blogs, videos, newsletters and user led stories. She also had a pivotal role in the Jorum visual identity, and is keen to maintain the brand integrity. Her main focus is collecting stories about users of Jorum and promoting content for use and reuse. She also holds responsibility for the communication of Mimas' other Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills services - Augmented Reality and Hairdressing Training.

If you have any stories about Jorum or your resources, please contact

Pete Collins - Jorum Educational Technologist

Pete Collins

Pete Collins is our Educational Technologist working within the Jorum Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills team. My role focuses on facilitating content into Jorum, developing and enhancing user support information for the creation and reuse of resources, the development of new resource collections and metadata controlled vocabulary requirements, and liaison with the Jorum technical team.

Paul Madley - Jorum Web Applications

Paul Madley

Paul Madley has joined the Learning and Teaching Team, his job title is Mimas Development Officer (Jorum Web Application) so will be working on improvements to the Jorum front-end using his Ruby programming skills.

Paul comes to us from the University of Salford where he spent the last year developing their latest website. Paul has over ten years web design and development experience, both in HE and the private sector. An Open Source advocate, he's looking forward to developing Jorum.

Anja Le Blanc - Jorum Software Developer

Anja Le Blanc

Anja's Le Blanc's role is to help implement the enhancements planned for Jorum over the next year.

After finishing her studies of Applied Computer Science in Germany and working for a company developing TV set-top boxes, Anja joined the University of Manchester in 2003. Since then she has worked on a multitude of cross-disciplinary projects working with Japanese teaching, Economics, modern Dance, and Heliophysics.

Neeta Patel - Jorum Repository Developer


Neeta Patel is Jorum's repository Developer . She is responsible for maintaining, monitoring and developing the Jorum Repository based on the open source DSpace platform. She also contributes to the maintenance and development of the Jorum website based on user centred design, and the development of the Jorum Web Application, a “web” based interface to the Jorum Repository. She also assists in the design, implementation and maintenance of core technologies across Mimas, including specification, design and implementation of new systems.

Dr. Ben Ryan - Jorum Technical Development Manager

Ben Ryan

Dr. Ben Ryan joined Jorum as the Technical Development Manager early in 2012, coming from the University of Leeds. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, he’s worked as a Software Developer and consultant for a specialised typesetting and printing company, focusing on automated workflows for the production of printed and online academic journals an Ed tech working on LOM metadata, learning objects and specifications relating to electronic learning production and delivery; a technical director of a company developing delivery systems for online learning, as well as a Technical Officer for an ESRC funded qualitative longitudinal social science project responsible for achiving social science data. Ben is also an allotmenteer, fungalist, pizza oven pimper and specialist in building Heath Robinson style greenhouses.