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Sharing the love for OER (and you should too!)

Posted by Louise Egan on 9th May 2014

We’ve come a long way in sharing open educational resources (OERs) and for most people working in education, they’ve become second nature.

Open Source

Those who create OERs are becoming much more comfortable in sharing resources through open repositories such as Jorum, Merlot, Humbox and institutional repositories, through increasing numbers of resources deposited. However, finding evidence of the re-use of these resources can be as straightforward as finding a raindrop in an ocean.

Jorum has come some way in the reporting of resource usage, such as views and downloads. This means that we can begin to get a clearer picture about how particular resources are popular. However, actually...
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Information Literacy Resources - to be sure!

Posted by Louise Egan on 17th March 2014


To coincide with March being the month of St. Patrick and all things Irish, Jorum is delighted to present 5 Featured Resources from the Emerald Isle.

These Information Literacy resources have been created at the Institute of Technology Tallaght in Dublin (ITT Dublin). Included are the four original interactive online tutorials created by the ITT Dublin covering research, referencing, plagiarism and core academic skills. The fifth resource is an example of how another Irish University, University College Dublin (UCD), has re-purposed one of ITT Dublin’s originals. Author Jenny Collery explains below how she built on ITT's Plagiarism resource to create a new OER for plagiarism:


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Jorum celebrates Open Education Week 2014

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 12th March 2014

The following list details some of our current initiatives for supporting Open Education in the UK and the wider world.

University of Leeds ‘Open Window’

On Monday 10th March, The University of Leeds in collaboration with Jorum launched their Open Window, the first of its kind but certainly not that last! You can read more about how and why this initiative came about in our blog post.

North West OER Network

Jorum is supporting a HEA-funded initiative which aims to develop a regional network for Higher Education institutions in the North West of England around the use and development of Open Educational Resources (OER). Interest has been significant already and Jorum will provide...

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University of Leeds collaboration produces Jorum's first Open 'Window'

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 10th March 2014

Today sees the launch of the University of Leeds' Open Window - a collaboration between the University of Leeds and Jorum, which coincides with Open Education Week. It marks a turning point in Jorum's evolution and is a significant development for Jorum and Leeds alike, both in terms of their commitment to improving and enhancing the education landscape and to the open agenda.

Open Window homepage

What is the Window?

A Jorum Window is a customisable web interface to Jorum tailored to your community that allows your institution or organisation to showcase resources held in Jorum, alongside other resources you may wish to feature.

The Leeds Open Window supports them to deliver on their landmark policy on...

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Important notice about our statistics (or how we got 400,000 hits in a month)

Posted by Paul Madley on 23rd January 2014

Jorum usage spike

Regular users of Jorum may have noticed a large spike of 500,000 extra views and downloads in our stats throughout December & January. This is due to the fact that we invested considerable effort (late 2013) in making your resources more visible via search engines. These spikes in statistics represent search engines re-indexing all 16,000 OERs we currently hold.

Increasing visibility is clearly a good thing, but we will be updating the process of removing search engine activity from our stats. This will ensure that the data represented is a reliable source of evidence surrounding the use of your resources solely within the Jorum repository.

Please do continue to provide feedback on...

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