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Supporting Open Access week - discovering content and its use

Posted by Louise Egan on 22nd October 2013


It’s that week in the year- Open Access week, where we all come together internationally to support in the sharing of open content across the globe.

Now, here at Jorum we support that ethos all year round, but it is always wonderful to see just how this global event; now in it’s 6th year, brings the importance of sharing content to the fore.

The Jorum team have been working on a number of projects over the last year, to promote and share OER, which has included a number of new initiatives and service updates.

A New Beginning For Jorum

Jorum website

On 5th September, we released a new, updated and refreshed Jorum website. Easy to use search functionality makes discovering content...

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A New Beginning for Jorum

Posted by on 5th September 2013

Jorum Cheers

Welcome to New Jorum!

Here is the all new Jorum! It's the result of dedicated listening to our fabulous users, so we hope you like it.

Not only have we refreshed our look, but it is packed with many more new features that we are more than a little excited about. And, it doesn’t end here, we will continue developing and improving Jorum, rolling out small improvements on a regular basis.

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Director’s Cut

A word from Jorum Director, Dr. Jackie Carter:

We’re rolling out this improved service as the new academic year commences. The...
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From Glum to Hopeful....a conversation on MOOCs and OER

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 19th August 2013

Jackie Carter, Jorum Director and David Kernohan, Jisc Programme Manager (e-learning) discuss....


Dear David,

I’m feeling a tad glum about MOOCs. It seems like so much of what we’ve learned about open online learning materials since UNESCO coined the term OER (Open Educational Resources) in 2002 is in danger of being lost, forgotten or ignored. I was reading recently Sir John Daniels’ concern around the lack of open licensing in their MOOCs, and this same issue came up at the inaugural Libraries and MOOCs conference organised by the Open University Library in partnership with OCLC Research and Jisc. My question to that audience was ‘if OER can help with developing MOOCs why...
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Love using OERs? Earn a Reward!

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 19th August 2013

Love OER

Have you used Jorum in your teaching? Would you like to earn a reward?

Then read on...

Jorum is planning to develop an entirely new area for showcasing and highlighting resources. These will be mini curated collections of existing Jorum resources; one for each of the FE and HE sub-collections, and one each for the RDM and Re:Source collections, from community academics. Each mini collection will contain individual resources chosen by the curator which they will have used, re-purposed or simply been inspired by in their teaching, each with a brief explanation of their choices. These collections will be a useful starting point, especially for first time users, to help to get ideas...
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Friday taster: New Jorum cometh

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 19th August 2013

You've been admiring our Beta site and awaiting reporting/analytics and REST API capabilities for some time. We are working hard and very excited to see New Jorum shaping up, so this is your taster to keep you going through the slow month of August. We'll be rolling out this new look-and-feel and new searching and reporting features in September, and the new REST API in October. Prudence and superstition prevent me from giving you a definitive release date, but keep an eye on our Twitter account, blog, and Jorum-Update email lists.

Jorum's new front page look-and-feel:

Jorum's new front page look-and-feel

Jorum's new deposit look-and-feel:

Jorum's new deposit look-and-feel

Jorum's new search / browse interface:

Jorum's new search and browse interface

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