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The use of social media in schools

Posted by Louise Egan on 25th July 2013

Whilst searching through Twitter, I came across this interesting infographic about the use of social media in schools. It alerted my interest to see how students are sharing content, and the connections made between other students, teachers and parents.

Love it or loath it, social media and online colloborative tools are here to stay, and as the latest Jisc funded project for a student online platform is to be developed, the information reinforces the importance of sharing resources.

The Use of Social Media in School

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Open Repositories 2013

Posted by Anja Le Blanc on 8th July 2013

Open Repositories 2013 was hosted in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I certainly did not know this before, but it is a holiday destination, well known for its beaches, potatoes, and of course, the children's literature reference. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CanadaCharlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Workshops - Day 1

I attended a session on ResourceSync in the morning. As the name might suggest it is a way of synchronizing resources between sites. The main concept is that it is a one way synchronization between the master and however many clients. If you are familiar with OAI-PMH, it could replace this standard with the addition that you would also be able to sync the content (files) not only the metadata.

The interesting bit is that...

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Sign of the times - our new featured resources

Posted by Louise Egan on 3rd July 2013

As we enter another new month, we feature an inspirational set of resources, this time from Lancashire Adult Learning. Their British Sign Language (BSL) resources, shared as part of the Jisc FE & Skills programme can now be found in Jorum, which includes over 100 videos.


The accessible videos deliver useful and informative visual translations featuring everyday scenarios and words using a BSL interpreter. This means BSL Learners and tutors now have access to an online signed glossary specifically relevant for the BSL qualifications at Level One and Level Two.

Alongside the videos, the project aims to deliver content to other providers, including written resources and a toolkit for...
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Tools to create OER - our latest Featured Resources

Posted by Louise Egan on 11th June 2013

A new set of featured resources now appear on the Jorum homepage.

This month, following on from Sally Reeves' blog post surrounding tools to create OER, we felt it would be great to show a handful of resources that highlight some of the tools mentioned.

The five resources, all found in Jorum, show different ways that OER can be created, including Hot Potatoes, Camtasia, Xerte and Glo Maker.

Building blocks

The first resource points to a document collated by Sally Reeve. She collected a number of useful resources being used by those who create online learning and teaching resources. This word document provides a superb round-up of the types of tools that are being used to create OER.



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Reflecting on Innovative Practice: An interview with Antonio Martinez-Arboleda

Posted by Louise Egan on 23rd May 2013

A recent interview with Antonio Martinez-Arboleda provided a wonderful insight into the impact that technologies such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) might have on education, and shares some key insights which may challenge us to think about our ways of working, how we can more effectively use open content to enhance the digital literacy of our students and teachers, and the whole idea of Open Education.

This blog is a condensed version of the interview, the full story can be found at:

Antonio Martinez-Arboleda

Antonio, Principal Teaching Fellow (SCORE) and member of the Jorum Steering Group, from the University of Leeds, is an advocate of ‘Open...

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