Jorum News

Jorum - a new beginning

4th September 2013

New look Jorum launches today but don't be deceived; it is so much more than just a make over! We have many new features available that improve both the search and reporting features in Jorum. Read our blog post for more details or just explore!

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A new Jorum Information Literacy Collection?

20th August 2013

Recently Jorum created a new and customised Research Data Management (RDM) collection within Jorum. The main purpose was to fulfil the requirements of the Jisc-funded DaMSSI-ABC Project, which was largely to improve discoverability of RDM resources. The Jorum team also realised our existing collections were not an adequate location to host...

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Support and Documentation update

25th July 2013

Jorum has made some changes to improve our Support pages. They have been streamlined to include useful Guides, essential FAQs and useful links, including a list of useful resource creation tools. This is a work in progress, largely due to improvements we know will be made to our site soon. But if you have any suggestions for content to be...

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