Jorum News

Support and Documentation update

25th July 2013

Jorum has made some changes to improve our Support pages. They have been streamlined to include useful Guides, essential FAQs and useful links, including a list of useful resource creation tools. This is a work in progress, largely due to improvements we know will be made to our site soon. But if you have any suggestions for content to be...

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Beta stats, Beta all round

2nd April 2013

The new Jorum Beta site demonstrates our new and improved Jorum search, preview and reporting interfaces (including our new API). Please note the site includes real OERs from Jorum, but it is a bit behind the live service, so OERs shared very recently in Jorum might not be found here.

The Beta also integrates and improves on what we originally...

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Jorum's new, improved platform released today

20th March 2013

Free upgrade for all

Today is a momentous day for Jorum as we are proud to announce the release of our latest upgrade to DSpace 1.8. Well what does this mean for you.. It means you will see a number of subtle changes to the way Jorum looks, and provides much more in terms of discovering resources, finding new collections, collecting vital...

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