Jorum Re-Licensing Completion Update 13th December 2011

We announced in a news story and a blog post that the Jorum Licence Flipper had been tested and was fully functional; this flipper allows us to re-instate any item which carries a non-CC licence and convert it to a Creative Commons one. Over the past 5 months, the Jorum Team has been working to contact those individuals who had made those deposits and obtain their written permission to convert.

In total, we inherited 1736 resources which were uploaded using either the EducationUK or the Jorum Institutional licence. We were able to make contact with individuals who had deposited 1281 of those items, which means we have had a 73% contact success rate.

Of these, we were able to contact, authorise, and convert 1178 resources or 68%, which represents approximately 2/3 of the total we had to work on back in August.

Of those, we have not been able to convert 558, either because the individuals have refused to convert or because some of the users have moved on because of changes in the sector (including the closing of the Regional Support Centres). This represents 32%, or about 1/3, of that original number. These materials were uploaded by approximately 34 people from 18 different institutions.

Those materials which do not carry a CC licence will remain in the repository; however, as announced, they will not be accessible to anyone other than the users who uploaded them. If there are any queries about this re-licensing work, or any of the resources, please contact us:

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